Unworthiness is such a lie

Retiro Frau mit Zeitung und Buch


Unworthiness is such a lie

Instilled in us since the beginning of time –

or almost.


From generation to generation

it has been transmitted

generously and in big abundance.

Such is the true flaw of the world.


What if unworthiness makes the world go round

not money?


For it makes people deny their values

and helps them to forget about their dreams.

It loves to inspire the lowest thoughts and deeds

and feeds on sorrow, poverty and need.


Unworthiness makes us slaves and victims,

who would indulge in the fanciest ideas to hide the lie.


No importance what the relief might be –

the more outrageous is the better;

you may choose an exploding jacket

or sell your soul for jewelry. 


Unworthiness makes the world go round and round

but in truth:


We are selling our souls to the cheapest devil –

a thing made from black stinking smoke.

If we blow it up – nothing remains

just a vague memory of a less fortunate time.



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